Looking for something meaningful to be involved with this holiday season? Work with real, tangible impact? Join "THE NEXT STARTUP FOUNDER" Internship Program!

As a creative, collaborative community for mindful living, RUANG PERINTIS is looking for more young blood to join our internship program that will be placed in many startup at once, so we can create more positive impact, and encourage participants to be prepared as the next startup founder.

Working for a startup ensures that you won’t be left to do just photocopying or making someone’s coffee. Instead, you’ll be doing real work, and gaining valuable experience you just can’t get in the confines of a classroom.

10 Benefit of this program :

1.Get experience for working side by side with founders in many startups at once (rolling in many startups for each period),

2.Have a chance to develop the customers/business of the startup directly by optimizing the existing product,

3.One-on-one mentorship with professionals,

4.Routine CEO development classes, by workshops and trainings.

5.Flexible working hours and cozy work space (Ruang Perintis),

6.Team bonding and fun outbound,

7.Rewards from each startup,

8.Certificate of completion,

9.Recommendation Letter for pursuing master degree or working on big company.

10.Totally free.

And if you’re interested in doing other work not mentioned above, come anyway! We’d love to hear your ideas about how you’d like to get involved with us. 

We have partnership with many well-known startups in Malang (,, iCatalog,,,, and obah). They are very commit to develop all you guys by enabling you to engage with the real-life startup journey. 

What are we looking for?

1.Undergraduate student (min. 4th semester) or fresh graduate (all major) who live/study in Malang,

2.Have strong passion/knowledge/ experience in marketing, or business development,

3.Have a commitment to follow all internship and workshop schedule in 2 months, from August to September,

4.People who are able to work in the team, active, and initiative to achieve the goals.

5.Graphic design skill is point plus.


Why NOW is the best time to join us:

  • We are planning a whole lot of activities in the coming months (from first gathering, trainning, main program, workshop, outbond, adn farewell), which just means there’s so much you can gain experience from!
  • We’ve got a lot of exciting collaborations going on right now, and this is the best time to get in on it, before you miss the chance to work with a lot of awesome people!
  • Some of startup partner have a good deal with big corporation to scale up the business (For example : Olride which was in partnership with MPM East Java)

Timeline :

1.Registration : 10 -23 July 2017

2.Online/offline Interview : 24-26 July 2017

3.Final decision : 27 July 2017

4.First gathering : 31 July 2017

5.Program start :  1 August 2017

6.Program finish : 30 September 2017


APPLY NOW (click here) because the deadline is July 23, 2017. If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact us or 083830104656