If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together ". From that proverb, we realized to be great we must be united.

Indonesia and creative people in it, need to unite to change this country as a better place.

Beyond just a platform, we try to create values that make pioneer’s masterpiece and the dedication are united in harmony. Therefore, we created Ruang Perintis.

Ruang Perintis is a place where community enable to collaborate their creativity and give positive impact to society.

We provide comfortable, homey, and flexible co-working space, so it can be stimulating your ideas and creativity, in order to enhance your productivity.

Regularly, we will organize skill sharing sessions as well as social functions for community building, making sure all members get a chance to get to know each other on a personal level.

Join us now, create your network, build your new family, and grow your business.



1. Workspace

At Ruang Perintis, you’ll have access to everything in a modern office with free access to Wi-Fi, printer, projector, LCD TV, entertainment station, and meeting rooms.

2. Events

Enjoy free attendance at any of our skill sharing sessions, workshops and seminars. Have a topic you want to share with the community? We’re happy to give you a platform for your presentation.

3. Mentorship

Get the benefits of the meet and consult with professional mentors from our network to grow your business. If you care and want to help other businesses grow and expand, we are happy to give you a platform for your mentorship.

4. Network

Being part of Ruang Perintis network is to be part of a community of creative individuals and professionals. Take part in our business events, social functions, and various clubs.

5. Snacks & Drinks

All of our members can enjoy the free mineral water, coffee, and tea in the coworking space. We also have a pantry to cook a light meal and a fridge full of refreshments that are self-managed by our community.

6. Incubation and Acceleration Program

We will organize exclusive programs for creating new entrepreneurs and accelerate, especially for creativity-driven and innovation-driven entrepreneurship.